Sunday, April 14, 2013

SCSU Hockey Players cut their Hair!

Sunday afternoon, the scissors came out, the hair came off and their hair fit in their helmets again. Nic Dowd, David Morley, Nick Jensen, and Tim Daly gathered to cut their hair they had been growing for nearly 20 months of growing to donate it to the Locks of Love charity. 

Dowd started the campaign at the end of last season and bothered the rest of the team to jump on the bandwagon. Morley, Jensen, Daly, Cory Thorson, and Ben Hanowski all joined in and started growing their hair. 

Thorson was unable to donate right now because his hair wasn't long enough yet. Hanowski was in Calgary preparing with his new team, the Calgary Flames. He promised to send before and after pictures when he cuts his.

Everyone but Dowd was excited to get their hair cut. He knew that it was going for a good cause, but he grew rather attached to his hair.

During this situation, mirrors were a problem when trying to take pictures. I often found myself trying to get out of the shot because I was being seen in the mirror. Although I had to move because I was seen in the mirror, the angles I got while standing out of the way were much better.

This was also a great opportunity to make collages of each of the players to show what they looked like before, during the process of cutting, and their after shots.

Here are some shots from the day!

David Morley

Nic Dowd

Nick Jensen

Tim Daly

Nic Dowd, Nick Jensen, Tim Daly, David Morley

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